Målsydde tørrdrakter

Målsydde tørrdrakter til dykkingDet lønner seg å investere litt mer og kjøpe en målsydd tørrdrakt som passer deg perfekt

Bruk kontaktskjema nederst på siden, når du vil i dialog om målsydde tørrdrakter.

ScubaForce er høy tysk kvalitet. ScubaForce produserer sine målsydde tørrdrakter i Europa. Scuba Force skriver om seg selv:

Our brand represents individuality, quality and dedication to perfection.

ScubaForce only uses the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art components from leading European and international manufacturers. Our drysuits and rebreathers meet and exceed CE testing standards and EU product requirements based on independent lab evaluations.

Our products make each of your dives a unique experience.

ScubaForce drysuits are as unique as our customers. Build your diving experience the way you want it. With numerous options tailored to your needs and demands. Thousands of divers around the world appreciate the uniqueness and the standard of excellence of their ScubaForce equipment. As a proud supplier of rescue workers, police departments, special operations units, and the military, we incorporate the feedback of people relying daily on ScubaForce drysuits. This makes us one of the largest drysuit manufacturers in Europe.

ScubaForce Xpedition tørrdrakt

ScubaForce skriver om sin Xpedition målsydd tørrdrakt:

A new dimension in dry diving. Agility meets durability

In cooperation with our material supplier, Fothergill Polycom, we have developed a dry suit that sets new standards.   Fothergill’s newest, innovative TYGATEX®material combines two of the most important factors for a dry suit: agility and durability. The ripstop nylon with a polyester feel meets all important requirements for drysuits. Easy dressing; wonderful texture, and excellent movement.   Additionally, the manufacturing and assembly process of the XPEDTIONsets new standards. Most importantly, the new Scubaforce Double Seal Technology. In a process which was developed by SCUBAFORCE, all seams are double sealed.Based on our decades of experience with Aquasure sealedseams,weare additionally combining this proventechnology with an extra machine-coated tape. This specialized seam tape is manufactured by a German company that typically provides products to the automotive industry.Flexibility and abrasion resistance are the main factors here.   With the new XPEDITION we adhere to our motto: HIGHTECH MADE IN EUROPE Item-No.: SFTRI

ScubaForce Xpedition, målsydd pris
fra NOK 21.000,00 inkl. levering, innfortollning og norsk mva

ScubaForce Explorer NST målsydd tørrdrakt

ScubaForce skriver om sin Explorer NST målsydd tørrdrakt:

The future begins today!

For decades, trilaminate drysuits have been produced in the same manner. In an elaborate process, waterproof material is sewn together by a machine which perforates the material and creating thousands of holes that must be subsequently sealed with an additional process and method. In particular, in highlycongested areas, such as the crotch region, the procedures are very complicated and there are after longer periods of use integrity issues and leaking at the seams. Unfortunately, until today there was no alternative. But only until now – because the future starts today.

With the EXPLORER NST, SCUBAFORCE presents a unique dry suit which is produced in acompletely new method
After more than three years of developmental work and in cooperation with a high-tech machinery company from Germany, we are now very proud to introduce the SCUBAFORCE

With this NST process, the main seams of the drysuit are welded with an ultrasonic welding machine and remain WATERPROOF. In contrast to conventional production with sewing machines, the material is not “perforated”, but connected without damage to each other! By utilizing this welding process, no water canseep into the suit.

ScubaForce Explorer NST, målsydd pris
fra NOK 18.000,00 inkl. levering, innfortollning og norsk mva